Digital Marketing- The best career option for recent graduates

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
01 April, 2021

Digital Marketing- The best career option for recent graduates

With the evolution of digitalization, digital marketing has changed the language of marketing strategies. As digital marketing is booming, most companies are looking for digital marketing executives to grow their business online. Digital marketing vacancies are opening great career options for recent graduates.

Digital marketing is an emerging form of marketing in which products or services are promoted over the internet. It facilitates businesses with a better reach to their potential customers around the world. Along with that, it drives traffic to the business website by SEO, PPC, website localization, and other digital marketing solutions.

It is not only beneficial for the businesses only, though it opens various career opportunities for recent graduates.  According to an adobe report, there was an increase of 77% of online growth in 2020 as compared to the previous year. McKinsey also reported that more than 61% of companies use digital marketing solutions and planning an ad spend of $500 billion by 2023.

These companies keep posting job vacancies for digital marketing professionals as well as beginners. An individual can choose from a variety of job vacancies according to his skills, and interests. In case you do not want to work as an employee, you can make digital marketing your profession. Digital marketing is not only an emerging career opportunity, though it is a recurring source of income as well. It means you can earn desired income repeatedly without making many efforts.

Let’s take affiliate marketing as an example. In affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission whenever a product is sold from your affiliate link. On average, an affiliate earns $200 per sale as a commission. All you need is a traffic-driven website or blog and an affiliate marketing program. Besides this, you can opt for blogging, digital marketing execution, SEO execution, PPC management, etc. to earn desired income.