AWS Hosting and Services

Get enrolled in the world’s famous web services platform from Amazon Inc. AWS offers quality web hosting solutions to businesses with flexible pricing models. Shriji Solutions have tie-ups with AWS solutions and provides world-class services using the same. Whether you are running a business or a non-profit organization, our AWS expert will provide you with quality services as per your requirements.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a productive subsidiary of the global leader Amazon Inc. AWS is designed in 2006 to provide cloud computing platforms, APIs, web hosting, and other related services. It is considered highly productive as it offers global services, broad platform support, and world-class web solutions in flexible pricing models.

AWS allows you to use WordPress, Joomla, and any content management system along with its solutions. It means you can import content, databases, media files, etc. from wherever you want. Also, AWS makes your website scalable from the first day after web hosting and accepts traffic from various sources.

AWS Hosting and Services

No doubt, AWS is the best choice for you if you are looking for web hosting solutions for your business website. However, you need expertise in working on AWS servers for expected results. It is highly recommended to opt for a professional AWS services provider like Shriji Solutions.

We hold expertise in enhancing the accessibility of a business website with AWS solutions. Despite using common web hosting servers, we use AWS servers and make sure your website stays active all the time. Our trained professionals know all the techniques used to enhance website accessibility using AWS web hosting servers.

Along with that, we offer:

  • WWW accessible website
  • Website optimizing tools
  • Access to WordPress
  • Multiple hosting solutions
  • Database management
  • SEO tools
  • Professional E-mail accounts
  • Files upload and download access

Apart from this, we have a lot more to offer you. You can choose from WordPress hosting, share hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting according to your requirements.

Shriji Solutions is known for serving businesses with efficient AWS web hosting services. By providing quality AWS services, Shriji Solutions make sure its customers get the best rate of return from their investment. Our representatives are available 24*7 to assist you and you are free to ask for quotations anytime.

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