Privacy Policy

Shriji Solutions consider the privacy of users as its priority. Our privacy policy is brief, informative, and applies to the use of information obtained by the company. Besides this, the privacy policy discloses that Shriji Solutions owe and manages all the privacy practices for this website.

This is to inform you that all the activities on this website are managed by Shriji Solutions and it is end to end encrypted for your safety. We obtain only the necessary information of our clients to improve their user experience. By using this website, you agree to share information regarding your contact information, Geolocation data, and other information.

  1. In contact information, we obtain your name, e-mail address, mobile numbers, and country.
  2. Geolocation data include identifying and tracking connected devices using GPS, IP addresses, and related technologies.
  3. Along with that, we obtain your location, country code, etc. while you use services like contact us and become a partner.

Apart from this, the automation also obtains some information to give an immersive user experience. The information includes cookies, web beacons, JavaScript, and other related technologies. Our website also obtains some information about your devices including their IP address, device properties, OS, data on actions, and other credentials you use to access our website.

Our purpose to gather your information is to:

  1. Understand your preferences.
  2. Maintain your data security.
  3. Responding to queries.
  4. Integrating your information with services for a better user experience.
  5. Provide you with easier and relevant access to the desired content.
  6. Create, improve, assess and improve the site for business expansion.
  7. Protection against untrusted sources, fraud, and other unlawful activities.
  8. Deliver tailored content according to your requirements.
  9. Improve website and maintain it for better productivity.

Sharing the information:

Shriji Solutions can share the information to give a better user experience on the website. We may share the information with

  1. The subsidiaries or affiliates of the company will use the information for displaying the content according to your preferences.
  2. Our sales and marketing team for product promotion
  3. Stakeholders or service providers associated with the company

Third-party link sharing:

The website may contain links to third-party websites. Third-party URLs can feature promotional materials including text, media files, newsletters, etc. This is done for your convenience and better user experience. However, Shriji Solutions will not be responsible for any fraud or misleading content on another website. Those websites may have different privacy policies and terms of use. So, you need to read the particular privacy policy for expected results.

Information Security:

Shriji Solutions take the best precautions to safeguard your personal information. Your information is end to end encrypted by our security algorithms. Whether you are online or offline, your confidentiality is ensured by our website. Our business partners may use the cookies to create promotion plans and digital marketing strategies. Meanwhile, your data will stay secure while you are using the website.