8 things by which AWS is going to change cloud computing standards

Amazon’s AWS is popular for innovative ideas around the world. Recently, it has announced that they will be introducing new technologies that will change our lives. AWS announced 8 things that are going to change cloud computing standards. Let’s explore them all.

Apple initiated working on 6g technology

With its immersive speed and high bandwidth, 5g technology is winning hearts since its invention. It is around 10 times faster and more productive than the previous technologies. Well, the 5g is not even launched in many countries in the world but Apple has posted vacancies for 6g technology. Let’s explore what the matter is.

Indian websites are getting attacked by cybercriminals

The threat of cybercriminals is increasing day by day on Indian websites. Especially in COVID-19 lockdown, the statistics have increased at an increasing rate as compared to previous years. Experts say digitalizing businesses and not using effective web security is the reason behind increasing cybercrimes. Let’s explore what is the matter.

These web development trends will make 2021 more productive

As we know, website development trends keep changing according to the demand and preferences of target audiences. Besides giving an online presence to a business, a website has become the source of attracting customers. A web developer designs the websites with attractive templates, responsive UI, etc. for a better user experience. Let’s explore the latest web development trends of 2021.

Industry declines the new blockchain policy by MEITy

The whole industry refuses to accept MEITy’s blockchain policy as they do not want much interference from the government. They are demanding a decentralized system for the better growth of the blockchain industry. According to them, the government will put high restrictions on the blockchain industry and reduce its growth.

Google can launch Android 12 this year

Android is considered the most efficient and secured operating system for smartphones. Last year, Android 11 was a major OS update from Google and has successfully rolled out in most devices. According to developer previews in February 2021, Google can launch the latest Android 12 this year. Let’s explore what’s the matter.

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