Telecomm companies to launch 5g in India by the end of 2022

Since 2020, companies have started selling 5G smartphones to make people ready for the future. You may have an interesting smartphone with various 5G bands and a 5G processor. But what is the launch date of 5G in India? Charu Paliwal, a counterpoint research analyst has predicted that the 5G network can launch in India by the End of 2022!

LG to AI-based laundry solutions

South Korean giant LG Electronics unveiled its most innovative laundry solutions. The company introduced AI-based laundry solutions at Electronics Show, Las Vegas. With AI DD technology, these laundry solutions will be the biggest revolution in the electronic industry. So, keep reading the latest IT news update until the end for better understanding.

Qualcomm shaken hand with Microsoft for snapdragon AR chips

Qualcomm and Microsoft have decided to take AR technology to next level. On Tuesday, both companies have joined together to create a new future of AR glasses. They will be working on a metaverse concept to deliver an immersive experience to users. So, read to news update until the end to know more about the collaboration.

8 things by which AWS is going to change cloud computing standards

Amazon’s AWS is popular for innovative ideas around the world. Recently, it has announced that they will be introducing new technologies that will change our lives. AWS announced 8 things that are going to change cloud computing standards. Let’s explore them all.

Apple initiated working on 6g technology

With its immersive speed and high bandwidth, 5g technology is winning hearts since its invention. It is around 10 times faster and more productive than the previous technologies. Well, the 5g is not even launched in many countries in the world but Apple has posted vacancies for 6g technology. Let’s explore what the matter is.

Industry declines the new blockchain policy by MEITy

The whole industry refuses to accept MEITy’s blockchain policy as they do not want much interference from the government. They are demanding a decentralized system for the better growth of the blockchain industry. According to them, the government will put high restrictions on the blockchain industry and reduce its growth.

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