8 things by which AWS is going to change cloud computing standards

Amazon’s AWS is popular for innovative ideas around the world. Recently, it has announced that they will be introducing new technologies that will change our lives. AWS announced 8 things that are going to change cloud computing standards. Let’s explore them all.

Apple initiated working on 6g technology

With its immersive speed and high bandwidth, 5g technology is winning hearts since its invention. It is around 10 times faster and more productive than the previous technologies. Well, the 5g is not even launched in many countries in the world but Apple has posted vacancies for 6g technology. Let’s explore what the matter is.

Industry declines the new blockchain policy by MEITy

The whole industry refuses to accept MEITy’s blockchain policy as they do not want much interference from the government. They are demanding a decentralized system for the better growth of the blockchain industry. According to them, the government will put high restrictions on the blockchain industry and reduce its growth.

Cloud computing can change the definition of gaming

The biggest news for professional gamers and gaming lovers. Microsoft and NVIDIA to launch a cloud gaming platform with mind-blowing games. According to developers, gamers will enjoy their favorite games without downloading them. It is also expected that games like Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, etc. will be played on smartphones with cloud gaming.

Junior achievement to shake hand with Facebook for empowering digitalization

Nigeria to take an effective step toward the growth of young business leaders. JA Nigeria partnered with Facebook to promote entrepreneurs with digital marketing solutions. According to the company, digital marketing will help entrepreneurs to reach better audiences through Facebook and other digital marketing platforms.

Machine learning to be used for content writing

Machine learning is considered the most productive innovation since its invention. Now, machine learning is stepping up towards AI content writing. It will include productive changes like Al algorithm-based replies, grammar checks, and much more. Expert says it will be beneficial for businesses, but can ruin the careers of content writers.

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