5 best applications of artificial intelligence for businesses

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
07 January, 2022

5 best applications of artificial intelligence for businesses

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the most efficient technologies in the industry. From IT to Healthcare, it helps every industry with automation and cost-effectiveness. Considering the benefits, we have listed the top 5 applications of AI in different industries. Read the blog until the end for a better understanding.

What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has its meaning in the name. It's a computerized algorithm that understands and learns things like a human. However, technology makes things far better and efficient when compared to a human. For instance, AI applications feature no human error and offer accurate information for analysis.

That's industries consider it the most innovative technology of all time. Whether you're in Finance or Healthcare, you can enable expected efficiency in your business with AI. Let's see the top 5 applications of AI and how it can help you.

Here we go!

Top 5 Applications of AI in Different Industries:

1. Healthcare:

There are the highest applications of AI in healthcare among all industries. With AI, you can practice efficient diagnoses with predictions and health suggestions. Especially if you have an application, AI allows you to integrate EMR data with it for the best results. Furthermore, it helps in drug creation, medication management, virtual nurses, and digital consultation.

2. Gaming:

From kids to adults, everyone loves to play games and AI makes it really interesting. Take BGMI mobile as an example. The game has AI bots that make gameplay engaging and joyful for the gamers. Besides this, it also aids games like chess to increase strategic abilities without any physical opponent.

3. Finance:

Along with gaming, the finance industry also enjoys various benefits of artificial intelligence. AI helps inaccurate calculation of financial resources and decision-making. Unlike humans, companies using AI don't experience human calculation errors. That's why financial service providers are using AI-based applications and CRM software.

4. Education:

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in making the education system efficient. From grading to personalization, you can automate various activities for your students. AI saves time in checking papers and makes a child learn according to his level of learning. Hence, you have more time to teach and engage children.

5. E-commerce:

AI is ending our list by aiding e-commerce businesses with customer engagement. Suppose you have an e-commerce store, and a customer is searching for sherpa jackets. With AI, you can automate suggestions to convert that visitor into customers. AI will share relevant sherpa jackets according to the budget and requirements of the visitor.


Conclusively, artificial intelligence is efficient and all-rounder computerized algorithm. You can also enable AI in your business and make it more efficient than ever before. Just contact Shriji Solutions and get your website or application-optimized by professionals.