5 most common cyber threats that makes cyber security unavoidable

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
01 June, 2022

5 most common cyber threats that makes cyber security unavoidable

Things are getting online, and cyber criminals have a complete platform to show their creativity. That's the reason why cyber threats are increasing every day and breaching business security. Meanwhile, understanding cyber security and the latest cyber threats can help you protect your data from cyber criminals.

What is Cyber security?

Cyber security is the process of creating a defense wall between your data and cyber criminals. From SSL to firewalls, it features a bunch of practices to ensure data security. With cyber security, you can safeguard your computers, websites, servers, electronic devices, and applications. If we look further, there are various types of cyber security including network security and end-user education.

Yet, our blog aims to alert you to the top 5 trending cyber threats in the industry. Whether you talk about malware or phishing, there are countless cyber threats to your business. Let's see what are the latest cyber threats that make cyber security unavoidable.

Here we go!

Top 5 Latest Cyber Threats to Modern Businesses:

1. Dridex Malware:

When it comes to exploring cyber threats, malware is the name that strikes every mind. But Dridex malware is at the complete next level. Surprisingly, it breaches your security through a phishing email and steals information like passwords, personal data, etc. Since 2014, this malware has led to the loss of millions associated with industries worldwide.

2. SQL Injection:

Besides Dridex, SQL injection is another famous cyber threat on our list. Cyber criminals insert malicious code into your data files to steal secured data from your system. The primary target for SQL injection is data-driven applications. However, hackers also use it to breach the data security of websites and databases.

3. Ransomware:

Ransomware is the most vulnerable malware in the world. It just hijacks your data files and the whole system. If you have ransomware in your system, it will keep demanding the product key to unlock. When you click on that, you need to pay the demanded amount to get your system unlocked.

4. Dating Scams:

Dating sites and chats room are getting really common these days. But according to the FBI, dating sites have led to a financial loss of over 1.6 million USD since 2019. In this, cyber criminals ask people about their details during chats or calls. Once they have the details, they can use that to breach your data security.

5. Emotet Malware:

Last but not least, Emotet Malware is creating a global cyber threat. Like Dridex, it's a trojan that loads additional malware and breaches cyber security. If you have a simplistic password, Emotet can easily breach that and steal sensitive information. That's why recommend setting a secure password to protect your data against Emotet Malware.


In the blog, we have discussed the various cyber threat that are creating troubles worldwide. Here professional cyber security by Shriji Solutions comes up as a lifesaver. Whether you're in the IT or finance industry, we are 24/7 throughout the year to safeguard your business confidentiality. So, call us now and get a quote for your business.