What are the types of machine learning?

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
09 February, 2022

What are the types of machine learning?

As you know, machines are adding efficiency and productivity to every task. But what makes them do this? In today’s world, the answer is machine learning. From ITs to manufacturers, ML algorithms are helping every business with automation. It may surprise you that there are various types of machine learning with exceptional skills.

Machine Learning Redefined!

Machine learning is a set of computerized algorithms that learn new things using databases. As the name describes, it improves itself without any assistance and helps in meeting the business needs. ML is famous among all industries for offering reliable predictions and aiding decision-making. Furthermore, you can also use ML for auto-tagging, speech recognition, and building mathematical models.

Considering the benefits, you may think about implementing one of the best types of machine learning. But which one you will choose among all? Don’t worry! We have the three main types of machine learning to help you out.

So, let’s get started!

3 Main Types of Machine Learning:

1. Supervised learning:

It is the primary type of machine learning based on labeled data. In this, you provide sample data to a machine learning system to learn and predict the output. For instance, you can take spam filtering as the best example here. You supervise ML algorithms with sample data of spam emails or messages for filtration.

2. Reinforcement learning:

You might hear of a robotic dog! It's the best example of reinforcement learning. In simple words, it's a feedback-based learning method that works with the feedback to ML. You can give a reward or penalty to the system and make it learn properly. Hence, it increases its performance to earn rewards and prevent penalties.

3. Unsupervised learning:

If we brief it, unsupervised learning is the complete opposite of the supervised learning method. In this, you don't share any labeled or sample databases to aid learning. Although ML algorithms restructure input data and improve their performance as per your needs. Furthermore, experts classify it into two types that are clustering and association.

Which type of machine learning is the best?

In this blog, we have briefed the three main types of machine learning algorithms used by businesses. Here a question arises, which one is the best ML method for your business. Well, every business has unique requirements and goals. So, you can choose any of the machine learning methods according to your business needs.

If you have a small-scale business, you can go with supervised or unsupervised ML algorithms. Meanwhile, reinforcement learning will be great if you're in the manufacturing or automobile industry. Contact Shriji Solutions for any IT services and get a quotation for your business.