Top 4 trending Google APIs

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
19 August, 2021

Top 4 trending Google APIs

APIs are making our website more productive since its introduction. Especially the APIs designed by Google. They help us to provide a better user experience, ease of access and much more using the secured servers of Google. There is a glut of Google APIs that we use in our day-to-day lives. Let’s explore the top 4 Google APIs among them.

Google APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) means an integrated system that helps in communicating with Google servers on a website. In simple words, Google APIs allow you to access Google services such as Google maps, hangout, and much more. It not only enhances the user interface, though it has various benefits for businesses as well. They can receive payments, guide users to find out business premises, and other productive things.

There is a wealth of google APIs on the internet. However, some APIs are there that you usually find on every website or application. Have a look at the top 4 trending Google APIs

  1. Google Maps API:

Well, I don’t think Google maps need an explanation. Google Maps functionality allows users to navigate the business on the world map and find out the best route to reach the premises. Mainly Google Maps API is installed as direction to the company for better understanding.

  1. Google Payment API:

With the introduction of UPI payments and fund transfers, Google pay API has become the most used API in the world. It is considered a productive and secure platform for making online payments on a website. That is the reason why most people prefer Google pay over other UPI methods.

  1. Google Hangouts Chat API:

Google Hangouts is widely used by organizations and chat support teams to communicate with customers. The reason for its wide usage is it features a safe communication platform and unlimited messaging without any cost.

  1. Google Translation API:

As the internet is connecting us with people worldwide, we need to communicate in different languages and essences. Here Google Translation comes into play. It helps you in translating your language into any desired language accurately. That’s why it is considered the most useful API on the list.