Top AWS services to choose from

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
02 May, 2021

Top AWS services to choose from

From online store to cloud computing, Amazon Inc is amongst the best service providers in the world. The company cloud computing services unit is managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS offers more than 200 productive services to businesses. Let’s explore some of the best AWS services for your business among all.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an immersive cloud computing platform designed by Amazon Inc to provide quality services to businesses. It aims to facilitate businesses with innovative functionalities for managing websites, applications, databases, etc. Along with that, it also helps them in lowering down overall business costs and generate expected productivity. It allows users to access AWS services while using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and any other platform.

AWS is a widely spread entity that has data centers around the world. It means AWS provides you with an effective data server in any geographic region. AWS deals with more than 200 products and services.

Have a look at some of the top AWS services:

  1. Application Integration:

Application Integration is amongst the top web services offered by AWS. AWS application integration includes AWS step functions, Amazon AppFlow, Event bridge, Amazon MQ, SQS, and much more. It helps in enabling the integration of independent applications to generate expected productivity.

  1. Cost Management:

Cost management is crucial for the long-term existence of a business. AWS cost management system allows you to analyze the cost, run the audit, and helps in making better decisions. Its cost management system includes but is not limited to cost explorer, budgets, cost reports, instance reporting, and saving plans.

  1. Business applications:

In modern businesses, effective business applications are necessary to make optimal decisions. AWS business applications feature Alexa for business, Chime, Honeycode, Work docs, Work email, and other productive services.

  1. Customer engagement:

Customers are the most important stakeholders for a business. A business needs an effective customer engagement system for better relationships with the customers. Considering this, AWS developed a customer engagement system with Amazon connect, pinpoint, and SES for better customer engagement.