Google announced improvements in android pairing with windows devices

31 May, 2022

Google announced improvements in android pairing with windows devices

The software giant Google to roll out multiple updates focused on improving pairing. Android users will experience incredibly fast pairing and integration with all the devices. With the integration of Windows, Google is finally launching the Fast Pair feature introduced in 2017. Read the latest IT news update until the end for the best understanding.


With the start of 2022, IT companies are taking various innovative steps to improve user experience. The same is with search giant Google. According to CES 2022 report, Google has declared that Android users will get various new updates for a better pairing. Besides efficiency, Google is now focusing on better customer experience and connectivity.

The company has integrated with Microsoft to enhance pairing, device switching, and setup. Even though, Google is also rolling out Fast Pair and 'Matter' in Google Play Services. Let's see what exactly Google will do.

Google Fast Pair:

Google Fast Pair is a famous feature that's already been in action since 2017. But it was restricted to connection with Google devices only. Now, Google has planned to take it to Windows devices, including TVs, Windows PCs, smart homes, and Chromebooks. If we explore the feature, it enables you to connect your android devices with various Bluetooth accessories.

According to Google, you can connect your Android phone with Windows PC. Whenever you will do that, it enables you to set up Bluetooth accessories, sync text messages, and share files. For bringing this update, Google is now working with Tech giants like Acer, HP, and Intel this year. If you have an Android TV or Google TV, you will also receive the update soon.

Google also clarified that people using Android devices with in-built 'Matter' support. From Google Home to Windows PC, you can connect every multimedia device with just a few taps.

Google Unveiled ‘Matter’

At the 2022 CES tech show, Google has unveiled that the new updates will support Matter-based devices. The Matter is a smart home protocol that makes a connection with any device in a Matter-enabled ecosystem. Also, Google announced that the company will roll out Matter to all android devices through Google Play Services.

With Microsoft’s integration, users with Chromebooks will also enjoy Fast Pair and Matter access. Users will have instant access to information like login credentials or Wi-Fi passwords using Android devices. Meanwhile, Google hasn't declared the models or Android versions that will get these features. You will surely get this update if your device is running at the latest software updates.