Google can launch Android 12 this year

25 August, 2021

Google can launch Android 12 this year

Android is considered the most efficient and secured operating system for smartphones. Last year, Android 11 was a major OS update from Google and has successfully rolled out in most devices. According to developer previews in February 2021, Google can launch the latest Android 12 this year. Let’s explore what’s the matter.

Google’s official announcement for the Android 12 OS update has given a new thrill to tech enthusiasts. The reason is Android 11 was expected to come with many changes and a major change in UI. However, Android 11 was more or less similar to Android 10 and failed to meet the expectations of users.

Now, Google recently announced that the users will start getting developer previews on the new OS from March 2021. There are chances that Google can release beta updates in July and the final release is expected in September this year. According to experts, Google can launch its Pixel 6 smartphone with Android 12 beta update in the middle of this year.

In teasers, various features are highlighted by the developer previews. There were around 5 features that were highlighted in Android 12 teasers. Have a look at them:

  1. Audio source selection:

Android 12 is expected to feature a quick setting window by which users will be able to choose audio sources as well.

  1. Better content insertions:

Android 12 will be coming with a rich content insertion feature that will give a better user experience through keyboards and clipboards.

  1. New notifications:

It is expected that the new OS will feature all-new notification systems with new notification UI and badging.

  1. Improved one-handed mode:

One-handed is not mainly used by users but it is productive enough for daily users. Considering this, android 12 will come with a better one-handed mode than ever before.

  1. AVIF images:

Android 12 also highlighted the most awaited feature that is AVIF. It will feature a better picture quality in a compatible size.