Google cloud partner awarded Mindtree with specialization in Application Development

28 July, 2021

Google cloud partner awarded Mindtree with specialization in Application Development

Mindtree is known for its excellent cloud computing and app development services in the world. Recently, the company received an award for being a Google Cloud Partner specializing in app development. It is a great boom for the growth of Mindtree and expected to get various benefits from this partnership. Let’s explore what the matter is.

Mindtree always remained the undisputed champion of digital transformation and technology services. It is a global leader that specializes in cloud computing and app development services. Apart from this, the company came into bruiting as Google announced to Mindtree as Application Development Partner in its cloud partner advantage program.

According to experts, a company is awarded when it qualifies the technical proficiency and proven success in a particular discipline. Mindtree has driven digitalization to application usage from cloud migration in the past few years. That’s why the company was awarded an Application development partner by Google.

On this, Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan of Mindtree said, “Mindtree is committed to helping enterprises grow and scale their business leveraging Google Cloud's world-class infrastructure and robust set of cloud solutions. This recognition instills further confidence in enterprises seeking to migrate their legacy applications and workloads onto Google Cloud that Mindtree can effectively help an organization drive their cloud adoption initiatives forward.”

The Application Development Partnership is not only proud of the honor, though it will facilitate business with various resources from Google. It will have a better reach to potential customers, get improved architecture, design, and everything an Application Development Company needs. Along with that, Google is providing building solutions and platforms to the company for better productivity.

Now, the company is a registered Google Cloud Partner and will serve customers with big data services, migration, SAP, machine learning services, and a complete spectrum of cloud services.