These web development trends will make 2021 more productive

28 March, 2021

These web development trends will make 2021 more productive

As we know, website development trends keep changing according to the demand and preferences of target audiences. Besides giving an online presence to a business, a website has become the source of attracting customers. A web developer designs the websites with attractive templates, responsive UI, etc. for a better user experience. Let’s explore the latest web development trends of 2021.

A business website plays a crucial role in representing a business online. Entrepreneurs invest in designer websites to gain the attraction of potential audiences. Along with giving a beautiful online presence, following web development trends has competitive advantages as well. That’s the reason why every business must follow web development trends for better productivity.

We all know that 2020 was a year full of technological innovations. Now, we have entered 2021 and the year is expected to introduce more innovations than ever before. The fact also implies web development technologies and trends.

Have a look at the trends that will make 2021 more productive:

  1. Dark UI:

According to surveys, a dark website UI is more preferred by visitors as compared to a normal UI. It was first launched by Apple in its iPhones. Now, it has become a trendsetter for websites in 2021.

  1. Voice Search:

Enabling voice search is getting popular since its introduction by Google. Experts say that more than 95% of websites will support voice search features till the end of 2021. Even there are some chances that this option will be mandatory to feature by all the websites.

  1. Serverless architecture:

In 2021, serverless architecture technology can replace expensive web development. Most web development companies like AWS etc. have started working on this technology to survive in the future.

  1. API first:

APIs are enhancing communication with secured servers since their introduction. Now, companies are planning to launch an advanced API system in 2021. API first will be more productive and affordable as compared to previous technologies.