Indian websites are getting attacked by cybercriminals

30 November, 2021

Indian websites are getting attacked by cybercriminals

The threat of cybercriminals is increasing day by day on Indian websites. Especially in COVID-19 lockdown, the statistics have increased at an increasing rate as compared to previous years. Experts say digitalizing businesses and not using effective web security is the reason behind increasing cybercrimes. Let’s explore what is the matter.

As the businesses are getting digitalized, every business develops its professional website for an effective online presence. It allows the business to reach more potential customers around the world and attract them to make a sale. Meanwhile, it also gives birth to cybercrimes as cybercriminals hack business websites and use their databases for their interests.

Recently, CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) has reported that over 26100 Indian websites were hacked in 2020. These statistics are quite threatening in front of 24000 websites hacked in 2019. Even the technology has well updated in 2020, still hackers were able to reach these figures. Mr. Sanjay Dhotre, minister of state for communications and IT, explained that cyber attacks are increasing frequently and hackers are hiding the identity using masquerading techniques, hidden servers, etc. According to CERT-In, most cyberattacks are noticed from various countries outside India.

A survey states that most small businesses do not invest in an effective web security system to reduce overall expenditure. That’s the reason behind 70% of the aforementioned websites were associated with small-scale businesses.

Making an online business presence is necessary to stand out in the competitive world. However, a business or website owner should stay aware of cybercrimes and cybercriminals. Implementing effective website security with SSL, security firewalls, etc. is necessary for every business promoting its products online. Hackers can easily access your confidential data and make your website blacklisted as well. So, every business should work on its website security for an effective online presence.