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Not only does Shriji Solutions aids you to lucratively manifest your company's statuette virtually, but also maintain it in a secured and profound manner.

Our Past

Our Past

Shriji Solutions was established by an experienced professional to provide excellent website development services. Hirak Sheth, owner and co-founder of the company developed himself with professional attributes during 7 years of working as a senior PHP developer and Project manager. He understands the importance of website development and dedicated himself to serve businesses with quality services.

Our Present

Our Present

Shriji Solutions is an emerging IT and web solutions provider in the era. We specialize in multiple productive services including web development, hosting, optimization, data analytics, etc. Our professionals use up-to-date software applications and provide the best services to businesses. Apart from excellent services, your data security matters the most to us. Shriji Solutions make sure your data is secure from untrusted sources during web development.

Our Future

Our Future

We believe in continuous growth and keep working on the project that helps our customers to expand their business. In the future, Shriji Solutions is planning to launch various professional services such as content writing, SEO, Angular Js, node Js, CRM, and much more. Our main focus is to develop Shriji Solutions in frontend development services along with the aforementioned services.

Services Rail
Website Development
Web Designing
Website Optimization
Web Services Development
AWS Hosting and Services
Maintenance & Bug Fixing
Web Hosting
Data & Domain Migration
Google APIs
Data Analytics
Web Security
WordPress Development
Joomla Development


Website Development

Make your business reach more audiences than ever before. Create your online presence with a professional business website. Shriji Solutions expertise in developing business-oriented websites in Laravel, CodeIgniter, Core PHP, and other productive programming languages. Our specialist will provide you with the best website according to your requirements. So, let’s get started.

Web Designing

Give a beautiful look to your business’s online presence with Shriji Solutions. Get your professional website designed by trained professionals and attract your audience towards your business. We dedicated ourselves to provide web designing services using premium scripting languages like CSS. Our web designers will design the website that meets your business requirements at best. So, let’s get started.

Website Optimization

Make your business stand out in the competitive business world. We will optimize your website with productive experiments so that it can meet the requirements of your business. Our experienced professionals plan, make optimizations, analyze the variations, and set automation for achieving your business goals.

Web Services Development

Give a quick boost to your business mobile application with professional web services. With web services, you can improve app responsiveness, uptime, and UI for a better user experience. Our professionals develop the web services in such a way so that the software application can generate expected productivity.

AWS Hosting and Services

Get enrolled in the world’s famous web services platform from Amazon Inc. AWS offers quality web hosting solutions to businesses with flexible pricing models. Shriji Solutions have tie-ups with AWS solutions and provides world-class services using the same. Whether you are running a business or a non-profit organization, our AWS expert will provide you with quality services as per your requirements.

Maintenance & Bug Fixing

Get a one-time solution for all the bugs on your business website and software application. Whether you are looking for code optimization or security maintenance, Shriji Solutions is the best option for you. Our trained professionals have years of experience in bug fixing and maintenance. We will provide you with an efficient, productive, and secure website for your business. So, Let’s get started.


Shrinvoice - Automated Invoice Management System

Manage your business invoices with an innovative tech-driven platform. From the house of industry’s leading web developers, Shrinvoice offer a complete package of resources and keeps your business on track. Shriji Solutions designed the platform to help you manage your clients, invoices, products, etc. in a customized way. Switch to a fully automated invoice management system and prevent your business resources from human errors. So, let’s get started!

Our Skills

We hold a specialization in website development, designing, hosting, promotion and security. Whether you are looking for website development or data analytics, Shriji Solutions is the best option for you.

Core PHP98%
My SQL95%
Apache/Nginx Server90%


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Clutch Highlights Shriji Solutions As a 2022 Top IT Service Provider In India

Every business has a unique image and voice that sets them apart from the rest of the industry. Our team serves as their tool in ensuring that they’re able to express themselves in the way they want to.

Telecomm companies to launch 5g in India by the end of 2022

Since 2020, companies have started selling 5G smartphones to make people ready for the future. You may have an interesting smartphone with various 5G bands and a 5G processor. But what is the launch date of 5G in India? Charu Paliwal, a counterpoint research analyst has predicted that the 5G network can launch in India by the End of 2022!

Is yoga a one day festival?

Today June 21 is World Yoga Day. As per the theme title 'Is Yoga a One Day Festival?'. Clearly the answer is 'no'. It is part of the daily lifecycle. Maharishi Patanjali systematized and codified the then existing practices of Yoga. For more information about Yoga read this article till the end.

Google announced improvements in android pairing with windows devices

The software giant Google to roll out multiple updates focused on improving pairing. Android users will experience incredibly fast pairing and integration with all the devices. With the integration of Windows, Google is finally launching the Fast Pair feature introduced in 2017. Read the latest IT news update until the end for the best understanding.

LG to AI-based laundry solutions

South Korean giant LG Electronics unveiled its most innovative laundry solutions. The company introduced AI-based laundry solutions at Electronics Show, Las Vegas. With AI DD technology, these laundry solutions will be the biggest revolution in the electronic industry. So, keep reading the latest IT news update until the end for better understanding.

Qualcomm shaken hand with Microsoft for snapdragon AR chips

Qualcomm and Microsoft have decided to take AR technology to next level. On Tuesday, both companies have joined together to create a new future of AR glasses. They will be working on a metaverse concept to deliver an immersive experience to users. So, read to news update until the end to know more about the collaboration.

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