Why is PHP the most popular website development language?

Rasmus Lerdorf designed PHP in 1994. It is supported by most of the popular servers like apache. Anyone with no knowledge of programming language can easily learn PHP as compared to other language. According to the survey, 79.2% of websites rely on PHP. So around 244+ million websites use PHP. Let's learn more about PHP.

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Step by step guide to configure Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is famous among developers as a productive toolkit for web development. But how to configure CodeIgniter for expected productivity? From downloading the framework to configuring it, it features a complete process of 5 easy steps. If you're looking to configure the CodeIgniter framework, you are at the right blog post.

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Joomla vs WordPress - which is the best CMS in 2022?

CMS (Content Management System) is what you require to manage and represent your content. If you look online, there's a gamut of CMSs out there. But which is the best CMS among all? Luckily, we have listed and compared two leading CMSs that are WordPress and Joomla for your review.

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What makes website optimization important for the business?

In this competitive world, only an online presence is not sufficient to promote a business. Your business website should have a good ranking on search results to generate expected results. Here website optimization comes into play. It not only helps in promoting your website, though it has various benefits as well.

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Benefits of implementing data analytics for a website

We all know that representation of data is crucial for a business. There is a wealth of ways in which a business can manage and represent the data in front of stakeholders. Even businesses are using data analytics techniques in website development to make it more productive. Apart from this, there are countless benefits of implementing data analytics for a website. Let’s explore 4 best of them.

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Website Development and Designing

In this competitive business world, a professional website is one of the most important aspects of a business. It not only helps in giving an online presence to a business, though it allows you to promote products and services in the global market. A business website should be accessible and responsive to audiences for generating expected productivity.

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