Joomla vs WordPress - which is the best CMS in 2022?

Posted By: Shriji Solutions
10 March, 2022

Joomla vs WordPress - which is the best CMS in 2022?

CMS (Content Management System) is what you require to manage and represent your content. If you look online, there's a gamut of CMSs out there. But which is the best CMS among all? Luckily, we have listed and compared two leading CMSs that are WordPress and Joomla for your review.

Joomla and WordPress Explained!

When it comes to exploring CMS, Joomla and WordPress are the most popular names of the industry. Joomla is a famous open-source CMS with exceptional productivity features. Whether you want to build a website or manage content, Joomla offers a collection of resources to meet your needs. Furthermore, it's a free web builder and CMS ready for small-scale businesses.

Joomla may feature most resources, but WordPress is at completely next level. WordPress is an all-rounder platform ideal for content management, blogging, and web development. From beginner to pro developers, it offers a perfect platform for everyone. Besides this, you enjoy various productive resources for free and manage content cost-effectively.

Let’s keep Joomla vs WordPress to see which is the best CMS in 2022!

4 Best Ways to Differentiate Joomla and WordPress:

1. User interface:

User interface (UI) is what you notice at first while using a CMS system. Both Joomla and WordPress offer an easy-to-use user interface. However, WordPress facilitates you with a more professional dashboard when compared to Joomla. It keeps suggesting web development and content management features for better convenience.

2. Security:

If you want a CMS for your business, security plays a crucial role to safeguard your confidentiality. Here Joomla wins the battle against WordPress. Unlike WordPress, Joomla comes with both SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification and 2FA (two-factor authentication). So, you should choose Joomla over WordPress if you’re looking for secure CMS.

3. Customization:

Every business has unique goals and requirements. So, a CMS should be customizable with various themes and plugins. If we talk about customization, WordPress is the clear winner over Joomla CMS. WordPress offers over 100 free themes and productive plugins, including WooCommerce, etc.

4. SEO:

Besides customization, a CMS is also responsible for making your website optimized for SEO. When compared to Joomla, WordPress offer better optimization and suggestions for SEO. With WordPress, you can enjoy various SEO plugins like Jetpack for better website optimization and content management.

Are you looking for the best CMS for Your Business?

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