Apple initiated working on 6g technology

30 December, 2021

Apple initiated working on 6g technology

With its immersive speed and high bandwidth, 5g technology is winning hearts since its invention. It is around 10 times faster and more productive than the previous technologies. Well, the 5g is not even launched in many countries in the world but Apple has posted vacancies for 6g technology. Let’s explore what the matter is.

5g technology was first introduced in 2019 and most people are enjoying its immersive experience. However, many countries are there that are waiting for a 5g roll out in the world. It is not only expected to be efficient for internet users, though it can give birth to many futuristic technologies. That’s the reason why businesses are extremely waiting for the development of this technology.

Meanwhile, Apple is known for continuous innovations in technology. Whether it is Air pods max or Apple M1 chip, Apple has introduced a variety of innovative technologies last year. Apple also introduced iPhone 12 series last year that was compatible with 5g technology.

Now, Apple is moving further in the area of network technology development. As observed in recent updates, Apple was looking for engineers to work on 6g technologies. It clearly shows Apple is planning to introduce 6g technology in their devices soon. Along with that, the company joined with the Next G alliance to work on 6g early deployment.

The news exposed that Apple joined that alliance last year in November. It means Apple is planning for this technology for a while. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s job listing clarifies that the company is developing new technology in the devices. Now, experts have estimated that the company will surely launch 6g technology in the year 2030.

Although Apple has not revealed any specifications about the 6g network technology. Meanwhile, rumors reveal that the 6g technology can feature a network speed of more than 10 GBPS. All the tech enthusiasts are waiting for Apple’s response on these statistics.