Cloud computing can change the definition of gaming

25 June, 2021

Cloud computing can change the definition of gaming

The biggest news for professional gamers and gaming lovers. Microsoft and NVIDIA to launch a cloud gaming platform with mind-blowing games. According to developers, gamers will enjoy their favorite games without downloading them. It is also expected that games like Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, etc. will be played on smartphones with cloud gaming.

Since the evolution of digitalization, the world is moving forward towards cloud computing and the digital world day by day. Cloud computing is serving all industries with its immersive features and competitive benefits.

Now, it is changing the definition of gaming by introducing cloud gaming in the market. Various global tech giants are working on this technology and it is expected to roll out soon. Similar to cloud computing, you will be able to play games without physically downloading them on your devices. All you need is a game controller, a gaming device, and stable internet.

This technology was introduced by the popular graphics manufacturer NVIDIA last year as GeForce NOW. GeForce NOW is currently in the development stage and not officially rolled out globally. The reason it features some bug issues and other problems that can disturb the gaming experience. Now all the eyes are on e-commerce leader Amazon. The company showcased some teasers of its cloud gaming platform Amazon Luna and can roll out the technology soon. Neither the less, Microsoft’s xCloud is also in development and is expected to be rolled out with an Xbox game pass. According to Microsoft, it is working on providing a secure cloud gaming platform where the users will play Xbox games with ease.

As the three tech giants are working on the technology, cloud gaming will be available in all the countries in the next two years. Cloud gaming will be going to be the future of gaming and gamers are quite excited about its launch.