LG to AI-based laundry solutions

28 April, 2022

LG to AI-based laundry solutions

South Korean giant LG Electronics unveiled its most innovative laundry solutions. The company introduced AI-based laundry solutions at Electronics Show, Las Vegas. With AI DD technology, these laundry solutions will be the biggest revolution in the electronic industry. So, keep reading the latest IT news update until the end for better understanding.


LG is famous for its innovative electronic appliances around the world. Yesterday, LG displayed another innovation of AI-based laundry solutions at the Electronics Show, Las Vegas. It features an innovative AI DD (artificial intelligence direct drive) technology. From steaming to functionality, consumers will enjoy an extensive array of features.

In the event, Lyu Jae-Cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company shared their thoughts. He said, "With LG's innovative AI tech, these appliances will offer various features, including gentle fabric care and effortless clothing management. We have understood the concerns of real people and innovated the laundry solutions accordingly.”

According to LG, its AI DD technology delivers customizable performance as per load size and type of fabric. Interestingly, it automatically adds detergent and switches wash style for the best results. Furthermore, these laundry solutions also have LG Smart Pairing that interconnects the washer with the dryer for optimized cleaning.

Lyu explained, "our first dryer model will come with AI DD dryer and AI cycle. They have precise movement control that automatically changes settings for better fabric care while saving your time. If I explain it further, AI will understand your daily routine and tailor the washing accordingly. Also, the dryer uses a dual inverter heat pump for low energy consumption."

“We are also launching LG’s latest product named as WashTower with a space-saving design. With a dual heat pump, it is a perfect alternative for a conventional washer. There's an integration of front-loading washing machines and AI DD technology. Hence, it delivers clean and fresh cloth while saving the overall consumption.

Moreover, LG WashTower comes with a ductless design and requires less clearance. Not only it saves your space, but it also saves you from the inconvenience of cleaning and maintenance. If I talk further about the design, LG WashTower has black tinted glass doors with chrome elements and a premium black finish.” Lyu added.


From design to washing, LG's new laundry systems are incredible in every aspect. With AI laundry systems, the company has given innovation to the industry. We hope for more interesting products from all the electronic giants.